Safemoon V2

With SafeMoon V2, is the SafeMoon Price Ready to Explode?

SafeMoon is passing through the restructuring ahead of the V2 launch. John Karony, the CEO shared information about the team’s progress and the addition of new members to replace Thomas Smith, SafeMoon’s former Chief Blockchain Officer.

SafeMoon V2 Launch Bears Much Potential for the SafeMoon Token Holders  

SafeMoon’s V2 upgrade will enhance the security of the network. The upgraded contract contains utility features such as reducing tax by 80% for eCommerce and wallet transfers. For SafeMoon users, the net value of the holdings will remain the same i.e. the net holdings of users will be divided by a factor of 1000, and the overall value remains the same. 

Transferring SafeMoon between two wallets is presently taxed at 100% on the V1 contract, so its imperative that you DO NOT transfer your Safemoon instead, import your key phase into the Safemoon Wallet to complete the migration – Again, Do NOT buy, sell, or transfer Safemoon V1.

Once you gain access to your Safemoon from the Safemoon Wallet, you may migrate from V1 to V2 in two clicks, and a small amount of BNB to cover the transition fees.

This new V2 contract has been made as to the core of SafeMoon’s future. This brings a broad range of features and offers the team a level of control that did not have with V1.

What has changed?

With V2, the following changes implemented:

  • 1:1000 Token Consolidation
  • 2% Transaction Fees – Trading wallet to wallet is now 2%, not 10% that Buy/Sell still has
  • Non-partnered exchanges may now be blacklisted giving control on Listing with exchanges
  • And some more that will be revealed by the SafeMoon team soon