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This is how Flooz (& SYA) lets you join Passion Economy

$SYA is the BSC Token behind Flooz.Trade – The platform is humanizing Crypto whilst empowering the creator economy. $SYA tokenomics: On each transaction, $SYA applies a 10% tax. This tax is used to distribute rewards to token holders automatically. $SYA is the Token. Flooz Trade is the utility. With Flooz.trade, the $SYA Team has developed a powerful layer on top of the crypt traders’ favorite exchanges to enable trading coins at light speed.

Flooz.Trade is like a Skyscanner of Crypto. It is easy to use. Go to Flooz.Trade and connect your wallet to purchase the $SYA Token. Crypto in 2021 is complicated. It is unclear, slow, and not user-friendly. Flooz.trade will change that. Introducing the $SYA Radar – their first attempt is to humanize crypto. With the $SYA radar, users can track their bag, market cap, and several holders in real-time, view community boost as well as all their trades. (See Twitter post below)

The Flooz Pro tools are designed to give users the ability to enjoy occupational-, physical-, and financial freedom. These freedoms are their core guiding principles. It is the platform’s mission to build the Pro tools to empower people to make a living doing what they love, flourishing in the passion economy from even the most isolated corners of the world.

From hosting the live Zoom sessions, selling digital files as a download, or giving the answer questions/converse with fans, you can find it all on Flooze.trade. Creators can offer these services free of charge or set a fee (fixed or as per usage).

“$SYA (Save Your Assets)” enables every human, including the 30% unbanked, to join the passion economy. It is now the underlying currency deriving the Passion Economy. Being a creator, you can simply connect your $SYA wallet to Flooz, accept payments for the services you offer in $SYA. Being a fan, you can buy and support your favorite creators via $SYA.

This way, we are heading towards the future where creators will be launching their digital currencies and developing their economy called the “Human Stock Market”.

Written by Anthony Fernandez
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