Drip Moon

The Calm Before The Storm When Animal Farm Moon- Drip to $100 & Pigs to $1500

Big statement made here and in a few short days, you will return here and say, you were right again. As they say, past performance is no assurance of future performance; and in this case, history will not only repeat itself, history will rhyme. One of the main reasons I have this confidence that Drip, Pigs, and Dogs will moon is simply because these assets are far better and in a better situation than before. There are plenty more reasons why one will or should buy and hold these assets. watch the video and drop your comment.

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DRIP & Animal Farm Tools :

Dripwiki: https://dripcommunity.wiki/

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Driporacle: https://driporacle.com/

Dripfi.app: https://dripfi.app/

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Written by Anthony Fernandez
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