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We have finally got the best alternative of Pancake Swap i.e. the Flooz.Frade. And for good reasons. Flooz.Trade offers token to token swap, Buzz social feature, multichain swap, referrals, and what’s not? If this is the first time hearing about SYA X Flooz, please have a look at our Flooz.Trade Comprehensive Review.

The PancakeSwap platform is a decentralized exchange made under the Binance Smart chain, meaning that the services of these decentralized exchanges are limited to the tokens developed based on Binance Blockchain. Users can get services like token transactions, monetization processes like staking tokens in the PancakeSwap decentralized exchange. Though PancakeSwap is fast, cheap, and secure transactions on the Binance Smart Blockchain platform, its lack of support of multiple blockchains and some services that could be improved are pushing users to look for alternatives.

Luckily, we found Flooz.Trade as the closest substitute. Users have reported that when it comes to the functionality of Pancake Swap, the Flooz.Trade does it far better. Here is how.

With Flooz.Trade, there is no need to adjust gas or slippage ever again. It is all automatic and running in the background, calculating the ideal option possible. With Flooz.Trade everything is automated. Everything is transparent and smooth. There is just one slider termed “Pwew” to set how fast you want it. That’s all. After every transaction, the user gets a nice Ticket with all the necessary information and stats about the trade. And they can share it as well, instantly. Please see the image below showcasing a real Flooz.Trade transaction ticket.

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The verified tokens contain a small badge so users can effortlessly know they are swapping the right one and they can go to the official BSC Scan of the token right from the Flooz transaction ticket. This makes the platform easier to use all in one exchange.

The multichain feature was also announced just last month. Users can now purchase ETH with Apple Pay or Google Pay and purchase tokens immediately right after. With the multichain feature, users can swap token to token across the chain as well. The token to token makes it fast and easy to swap out slow-performing tokens for other tokens, this is something you can’t do on Pancake Swap. 

Social trading aka BUZZ is a cherry on the cake. The BUZZ will let you follow successful traders. In addition, if you traded a token, you can comment on such a token and share your experience with others. The social trading feature BUZZ also allows traders to Upvote/Downvote their favorite token/trades. Tracking your balance, history of trades, and ability to hide the unwanted dust tokens is also there. All these features which allow trade transparency never seen until now will only change the crypto space.

Finally, a simple referral system works to let you earn some extra cash. Refer a friend to trade on Flooz.Trade and earn rewards for every trade using your referral link. Below is an image of a real account that already received rewards from Flooz.Trade referral system. One not only benefit from Flooz.Trade referral system, they can also save 0.1% on every trade when holding 50 billion or more in SYA.

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Written by Anthony Fernandez
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