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My RESULTS after 30 DAYS with Safuu! Weekly UPDATES!

The first month of Safuu turns out to be a win win, which sets the stage for the next few months. The protocol is getting stronger and stronger, and with the recent $250K Airdrop plans, Safuu is on the way to become a driving force in Defi regards to passive income. The video above explains how a Defi account was able to gain over 1000% the first month of Safuu. The below links are some of my current passive income plays.

My Current Passive Income Plays.

1) Drip 1% Daily:

2) The Animal Farm Piggy Bank 3% Daily::

3) Best Dex to Buy Crypto is Flooz.Trade:

4) My Elephant Money Partner Address: 0xBA40500807303E986adf89503fC482BA0c866537

5) Join our Telegram and ask your questions:

Written by Anthony Fernandez
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