Flooz.World NFT

Flooz comes through once again with Flooz World—a unique way to express yourself and explore your digital identity in the Metaverse. In addition to creating and customizing your own metaverse, Flooz.World will help you find and trade digital wearables and interact with its partner network.

It’s Flooz’s attempt to get into the Metaverse and build upon its booming decentralized exchange, Flooz.Trade. Let’s get more in-depth on Flooz.World and what it offers in this metaverse era.

Flooz.World Gen-F

Flooz has just launched Gen-F on OpenSea, which was publicized via a Twittter post by Flooz.Inc. Gen-F is Flooz’s debut NFT collection. It’s an acronym for Gen-Flooz, Generation Future, or Generous Frens. Each Gen-F NFT is an ECR-721 NFT that gives the holder access to Flooz World membership. 

The Gen–F NFT supply is capped at 10,000 on the Ethereum blockchain. In other words, the artwork comprises 10,000 hand-drawn and unique artworks, mainly 2D characters generated from over 300 traits spanning across 17 layer groups. 

These layer groups are classes of traits in which you can find a world of shades or variants. Layer groups include character features like background, hair, skin, body, necklace, eyes, nose, clothing, mouth, headwear, outwear, beard, mask, powers, horns, earrings, sunglasses.


Flooz’s Superkey technology is designed to help creators tokenize any type of content behind NFTs. Flooz CEO Lamine made the Superkeys concept public in his December 2021 tweet.

These superkeys are meant to sustain the emphasis about the purpose or utility of NFTs beyond just being 2D or 3D artworks. As such any creator can maximize Superkeys to supercharge their NFT collection with utility.

Flooz.World provides you as a creator with a Superkey to its “Daily Paper” metaverse. The Daily Paper metaverse is a product of Flooz’s partnership with Daly Paper, an Amsterdam-based menswear and womenswear fashion brand founded in 2012. The partnership is a merging of culture and technology.

The purpose of the Daily Paper x Flooz partnership is to create Avatar series, specifically 10,000 characters, with each having different variants with their specific attributes.

Gen-F x About You

A Gen-F NFT is a superkey which helps you to unlock a plethora of utilities by collaborating with other parties in the metaverse. The ‘Gen-F x About You’ is the first of those Superkeys.

Flloz partnered with About You, a Germany-based online fashion retailer specializing in influencer marketing and valued above $1 billion. The partnership will enable eight lucky Gen-F holders to win free sneakers monthly for a whole year. 

These particular Gen-F tokens have conspicuous About You artwork characteristics. By owning them, you can redeem a $500 sneaker voucher monthly through the  Flooz Superkey Software Development Kit embedded on the About You site.  

Utility: Why Own Gen-F NFTs?

#1. Right to trade Gen-F artwork

#2. On-time access to Flooz 2022

#3. Access the Master Superkey to access content from creators on Flooz.link and other real-world brand utilities.

#4. Feeless trading on Flooz.Trade

#5. Presale Access from Flooz’s partners, etc.

The Club House

The Club House is a pro-culture metaverse clubhouse centered around creativity. That way, it provides an ecosystem that’s not solely run according to net-worth or status. The environment fosters collaboration in projects that give everyone equal access to financial opportunities.

Rounding Up;

In the current NFT era, where the market is flooded with a plethora of creators, Flooz stands out for creating utilities for everyone. You’re looking at  the merging of Web 3 and culture to widen everyone’s horizon on the power and utility of NFTs. Flooz.Link provides a launchpad for creators to build brands, create and build their communities, and supercharge NFTs with content, Flooz.Trade makes it possible to completely trade tokens multi-chain, being the first DEX to do so. And Flooz.World allows you to express yourself in the metaverse, plus, you can also find and trade wearables and access AMAs with Flooz’s partner network.

Written by Anthony Fernandez
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