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Flooz.trade Comprehensive Guide and  Review 

Flooz.Trade is the decentralized exchange for the Flooz ecosystem. It plans to enable you to swap tokens for any other token or FIAT currency—on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain)—and token-to-token swap across blockchains. And its underlying cryptocurrency is $SYA x Flooz or just $SYA. 

That said, there’s a lot more to this platform. Let’s shed some more light on Flooz.Trade, its features, and utilities so that you can have the Flooz feel even before your firsthand experience.

How Does Flooz.Trade Work?

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The whole Flooz ecosystem is all about “humanizing crypto.” It has a small but highly driven and dedicated team, obsessed with their users’ happiness, human-friendly, intuitive, and delightful user experience. 

Their idea is to create modern, inclusive financial opportunities in the crypto world that beat the currently “slow and unnecessarily complicated” crypto scene requiring loads of technical understanding. As such, crypto activities can be more modernized, futuristic, and optimized for a contemporary generation.

Although Flooz.Trade is on its way to becoming an actual wallet like Metamask or Trustwallet; its team has not failed to deliver a good portion of its vision. Their commitment to creating a revolutionary crypto enterprise manifests in Flooz.Trade’s currently available features and utilities. Let’s look at them, shall we?

Flooz.Trade Platform

Flooz launched $SYA on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) in May 2021. It has also launched on PanCakeSwap and released its first product known as the SYA Radar. The SYA Radar is Flooz’s debut invention aimed at “Humanizing crypto.” It was designed to help users ditch BSC scan and end searching their (Flooz’s) profile, supported tokens, and analytics on CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap. 

Instead of exploring and analyzing Flooz features and utilities on third-party platforms, users can interact with a more specialized platform that represents Flooz’s values and offers community-oriented features, tailor-made for users. The Flooz Wallet allows you to connect any crypto wallet to the Flooz.Trade. 

The interface is very simple and intuitive, and it displays verified tokens, including SYA, BUSD, ETH,  BUSD-T, Safemoon, FEG Token, and lots more. By clicking on a token, you can see your activity on the tokens. You can also view chart analytics for a token by clicking on the chart tab below the token’s activity page.

Flooz.Trade Swap

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The Flooz.Trade Swap feature is intended to allow token-to-token swap. According to the SYA roadmap, it’s yet to launch. But the good news is that we expect it to launch this year (2021) so that you can swap your tokens on Flooz.Trade. In addition, It will allow FIAT payments on all BSC tokens―which is drop-dead cool!

Flooz.Trade Referral

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The Flooz.Trade referral program rewards you for referring a friend to trade on the platform. Each of the verified tokens on the platform will have its unique referral system out of the box. You can generate your token’s referral link and use it to invite your friends to trade. And in return, you’re getting 0.1% for life whenever anyone you referred completes a trade. Ordinarily, you can avoid paying 0.5% trading fees on the platform by just holding $SYAs. But by activating “God Mode,” you can have unrestricted access to referral payouts and zero trading fees. Life doesn’t get better than this!

Flooz.Trade Merch

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Flooz.Trade is stopping at nothing to humanize crypto, as reflected in their vision and philosophy. Its Merch platform features the shopping interface called Flooz.Shop. It’s more of an eCommerce interface where you can buy merchandise from the shop and become a VIP (Very Important Peach). By buying “merch,” you can unlock rewards and become part of their elite club.

Flooz.Trade Creators

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Flooz plans to be the backbone of the world’s future economy with what they term the “Human Stock Market.” It’s an economy where creators can launch their digital currencies and nurture their communities. In essence, fans can have the opportunity to invest in their favorite creators.

Featured on the App Store, Flooz.Link is a comprehensive platform that encourages and rewards creativity and innovation, allowing you to express yourself digitally on your own terms. It allows you to remain unique while showing the world what you offer and connecting with your community–all at your terms. 

The creator platform has the essential payment infrastructure (linked to Paypal and Stripe) for you, whether you’re selling a digital file as a download, hosting live Zoom sessions, or a question and answer session with fans. 

In addition, Flooz’s $SYA currency was partly motivated by the need to create a universal value exchange system that’d also include people in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and South-East Asia, and 30% of the world’s population (currently unbanked) to become part of this “Passion Economy.” 

You can decide whether to offer your services free, set a fixed fee, or allow users to pay what they please. This revolutionary passion economy ultimately looks to create a system where every creator can have their own digital currency and build their economy.

It intends to make work more social, unlike 9-5s. Plus, it gives you the web, subscribers, payments, insights, and analytics you need to understand, manage, and efficiently grow your solo business.

What’s Flooz.Trade Yet to Add/Activate On the Platform?

Flooz.Trade has gone a good distance on its Mainnet, but there’s still more to do. Here are some of the features yet to be added or activated for the platform;

  • An application, browser extension, and SDK (Software Development Kit)
  • Token-Token Swapping, Stats, Calculator
  • Swap any crypto cross-chain/ add other DEXs such as UniSwap (ETH)
  • Instantly open a wallet and import portfolio from any crypto wallet
  • NFT marketplace, with assets tradable on Flooz.Trade
  • Send crypto to family and friends
  • Donate to Charity
  • Convert fiat to crypto, etc.


Flooz.Trade is building a solid “Passion Economy” that’s changing people’s ‘archaic’ and complicated perception of crypto and DeFi. We are talking about a comprehensive platform with a rich suite of infrastructure to equip creators to sell their creativity unapologetically and on their terms and get rewarded for the value they offer. Communities or fans can enjoy value while supporting their favorite creators, and together they create a sustainable digital economy. It’s, without a doubt, the future of work!