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SYA Token –A short-term asset or the asset for keeps?

Good news for SYA traders. The Token has shown exhilarating growth. SYA, the underlying currency behind the Flooz ecosystem, has now surpassed $30 million in capitalization in total trading volume, with over 50K unique trades. Just a few days back, more than 1.5k new traders joined the Flooz Trade platform, which translated into such an organic growth of SYA token. So, is SYA Token something you should sell off shortly after buying or keep as a long-term asset? Let’s talk about the same. 

The Save Your Assets (SYA) crypto is a decentralized finance (DeFi) experiment and a new kind of deflationary currency used for liquidity generation and autonomous yield. It is backed by the Flooz ecosystem and works on the Binance Smart Chain protocol. It uses Reflection (Instant & Rewarded), Tax, LP Acquisition and Burn to bring liquidity and save significant transaction costs for its investors.

SYA’s protocol promises good returns to the investors and with its humanizing feature, it grants the investors a feel of trading in a simple manner. For each transaction, the protocol robotically applies a 10% tax to every transaction, which is spread amongst various capacities. Of the 10% tax, about 2% is automatically available to the token holders in the shape of an instant boost. Token holders get another 2% following the community boost. The holders then can burn the cryptocurrency to get 2% as a percentage of the burning fee. Another 2% is given to the liquidity pools to make sure that liquidity is maintained for the token.

Following its inauguration in May, SYA’s fortunes seem fluctuated. It saw good momentum in the initial days of the launch but after the market crash of June and August, it stopped doing well. Again, since late September, it witnessed an upward trend with the volume soaring, reaching more than $30 million this week.

As per some experts, SYA, being new on the platform, needs more time to acquire stability in the market as well as the full confidence of the people. Early investors benefited by selling it when the market was high; however, considering the current situation with an upward trend, we believe that it would do well if one holds it for the long run.

What’s next? New tokens on the platform are coming!

You can now trade Ethereum on Flooz. trade platform.

The Twitter account of SYA has recently announced the addition of new tokens to the platform. If you are using the platform, chances are you can get highly benefited from their referral program. 

Upgradation of the Platform

Flooz Buz will be released in the next few days. Flooz.Buzz is a social interaction feature where crypto traders can follow and see what other traders are trading. This feature for crypto is the first of its kind and will change the crypto trading landscape as we know it. This is a massive upgrade, which will humanize crypto and bring crypto to the average users. Flooz.Trade is the buzz, which won’t stop buzzing.


Moreover, Monsta has just partnered with Sya Flooz as an official trading partner, adding a powerful layer over DEX to make trading faster, safer, and more transparent.  Monsta is the latest of which, many already joined to platform, and it’s a no-brainer than Flooz.Trade is moving through the crypto space like a wildfire. As the old saying goes, information is power, so, with this information, what are you going to do with it? Bookmark the Flooz.Trade Plaform for easy access, and remember to get your referral code and earn some extra cash on the side.