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Flooz.Trade – Introducing the Multichain and Buzz Feature

On October 27, Flooz.Trade announced the upcoming Multichain feature for Ethereum, which came as a buzz for the ETH investors. Multi-Chain DEX will be adding support for any tokens on BSC + ETH + Poly + etc. on the platform. Based on this feature, this is what we can expect to be released. 

  • List of activities: now traders can see their trades history in a human-readable way, when they bought and at what price – social feed.
  • Referral system: Traders can invite friends with a link and get rewarded when they trade.
  • Social trading: Traders can add a comment after a trade (each coin will have its own comment feed), see what everyone is trading by clicking their comment, and deep dive into other wallets’ portfolios. This new feature will encourage traders to visit Flooz.Trade multiple times each day simply to see what their favorite crypto trader trading.
  • Apple/ G-Pay integration: Traders can buy BNB, ETH, BTC, etc. using Apple- / G-Pay and credit cards. Long gone the days when it took seven steps to buy SYA, the fuel for Flooz.Trade.

What does it mean?

It is a novel experience based on new behavior; the Buzz Feature.

  • Traders will visit the page 3-10x a day just to check out what the community is trading and saying about certain tokens
  • It will become a new and cool thing to just check out other traders’ wallets, their holdings and study their trading patterns. The first wallets will become superstars and “hot” traders: fire:
  • Traders will share these hot wallets with their friends, which in turn will organically increase the usage of referral links
  • It will become the new golden standard to check out a token buzz before trading. Organically and subconsciously it will become a prerequisite before trading.

Furthermore, it is now possible and easy for the Flooz.Trade traders to cash out directly to their bank account via IBAN in a few clicks. For the App development, the team has already started working on its app with all the above features, since September. 

Flooz.trade is the DEX/infrastructure that will enable the influencers adopting flooz.link to get paid by their own content in cryptocurrencies.

Free Marketing 24/7

Some Youtubers and TikTokers will only create content around the Buzz which is organic and 100% free marketing. We can even say that someone would be creating a Youtube called “What’s buzzin today”.

Token partnership

– In the future, if a token doesn’t have social proof (token buzz), traders will very likely not trade that token. This means that token partners will see themselves obliged to get verified i.e. they will promote Flooz as their main swapping partner.

– More token partners will join Flooz.Trade because they can embed Flooz.Trade on their socials and website, which provides them instant access to swapping, token buzz, Apple Pay, etc.

The Bot

With the Bot, their followers can trade directly from within Telegram and Discord. The bot will also feature a command /buzz that will automatically fetch the loudest buzz of that token.

This makes it the only app giving tokens a way to trade socially.

Token partners will copy the platform’s Airdrop strategy. The loudest buzz of, let’s say SYA, will receive an SYA airdrop. It will become the new standard for social media strategy.

What’s on $SYA?

We believe that with the new multi-chain features and Buzz token strategy, on Flooz.trade, the traders coming from other tokens will love the experience and discover $SYA and God Mode and the membership will increase. 

Written by Anthony Fernandez
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