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Flooz.Buzz is the social trading feature of Flooz.Trade. It is a remarkable attempt by the Flooz ecosystem to integrate with the contemporary social community with features that make token trading less algorithmic and more human. In this article, we’re going to look at Flooz.Buzz in detail to understand how it works.

Flooz.Buzz at a Glance

Flooz.Buzz is a new feature that was recently added to the Flooz.Trade web interface. It makes it possible to combine your transactions with text or comments.

Just before the release, Flooz CEO Lamine had this to say about the Social Buzz Feature;

“I believe it will catapult Flooz.Trade into a new stratosphere…and I just wanted to express again how important this release is to us, given the current bullish market sentiment.

It will be the most important release in our history thus far. The viral and organic growth loops on the buzz are just insane!…” 

Flooz.Buzz makes it possible to interact with other traders in a social media-savvy way. Unlike conventional blockchain transactions, where you see a long string of characters and transaction details, on top of the page, it gives off a super-social vibe with the line “What’s buzzin in crypto…” By “What’s Buzzing,” it’s like saying, “What’s the latest?’ Or ‘What are the best performing or hottest tokens?’ 

You can swap your token on the Flooz Dex and post a buzz or comment together with your transaction instead of having it appear like a mere string of characters and transaction details.

Flood.Buzz features a “+” button beneath the page. Clicking it brings you to the page where you can “Get your token Buzzin” or add a comment to your token swap transaction.

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Comments you make will appear together with your transaction on the Buzz feed, where other traders can see them. A skim across the interface shows you all sorts of comments and free use of diverse emojis and symbols.

The Buzz feed page displays the token swapped, the amount, the transaction time, and some public key characters. You can share your buzz or comment with your transaction and have it upvoted to amass authority or become louder.

You can toggle right at the top of the page between the Newest Buzz and Loudest Buzz tabs. The Newest Buzz tab shows you the latest buzzes on the feed, while the Loudest Buzz tab shows you the most shared buzzes with the highest community upvotes. Recall from what we said earlier that buzzes with higher upvotes become louder or more popular in the community.

The loudest buzzes are arranged in descending order of the number of upvotes. As of the time of writing, the loudest buzz is “$0.33 of SYA,” with a whopping 507 upvotes. Following it is $1k of $VICE with 158 upvotes, each accompanied by their comments.

In essence, Flooz.Buzz allows you as a trader to see your trade history in a human-readable and -friendly manner, including time of trade and the price at which you traded. Similarly, seeing others’ trades and comments helps you know which tokens to trade and those to avoid based on the quality of upvotes and comments. That’s what social trading is all about! Seeing what’s hot and whats not.

You can check out the buzzes in the community multiple times a day to know what traders are saying about several tokens and peek at other traders’ wallets, portfolios, and trading patterns. As such, you can make more informed decisions and earn better returns on your trades. 

What Promises Does the Buzz Feature Hold for Traders and the Flooz Ecosystem?

Looking at the Flooz.Buzz platform, it’s fair to say it’s more transparent than any trading platform we’ve seen in the present crypto economy. The most popular or upvoted trades or wallets become hot wallets that traders will intuitively share, increasing referral link usage.

As expected, it will become a norm to peep at the Buzz page before trading. Besides, it will also increase the participation of social media content creators as Flooz.Trade will get numerous mentions revolving around the free marketing it provides for tokens.

It will also enhance Flooz’s partnership with more token partners as they’d want to benefit from its ample promotional facilities. Any potential partner that meets the requirements gets a customized page with their stats and other salient info. 

Additionally, partners can integrate Flooz.Trade on their websites and social media channels via a Flooz Bot. The integration will enable adopted token partners to grant users instant access to swaps, Buzz, Apple Pay, etc. In essence, the bot will enable traders to trade instantly from Telegram and Discord.

The trading bot will be programmed to fetch the loudest buzz of any listed token to make things easier for traders.

Flooz looks to implement an exciting and novel airdrop strategy. For instance, the loudest buzz of Flooz’s native token SYA gets rewarded with an SYA airdrop. This will see token partners subconsciously following Flooz’s airdrop technique, resulting in a united social trading community.


Flooz.Buzz is the intersection of trading, human interaction, and social media. It has a massive impact on the Flooz ecosystem and would gradually make a conspicuous mark on the crypto economy by humanizing crypto transactions. Keep your ears open for more of what’s buzzin!

Last but not least, I will leave you with the latest interview podcast with Flooz CEO and Lamine Cheoufi and Jibber discussing SYA and Flooz future.