100 DRIP Incoming

Drip Will Hit $100 By The End Of The Year With DRIP/BUSD, AFP, and Animalfarm And This Is Why

Drip is the king of Defi and with all kings, they need their loyal servants to succeed and conquer. Animal Farm along with other utilities in the pipeline are such servants that will allow the Drip price to reach levels we haven’t seen before. Prior to the pause of The Animal Farm, Drip’s price leaped from the low $10 to well over $190. Now that the Animal Farm schedule to return to its glory days on October 18th, we can surely expect to see the Drip price 5x, 10x, and even 20x in the coming weeks and months.

There are many passive incomes plays within the Drip and Animal Farm ecosystem, which doesn’t have a time limit, to learn more and get involved in some of these passive income plays, review the links below to learn and continue your research.

Checkout our current passive income opportunities: https://linktr.ee/mycryptofinances

DRIP & Animal Farm Tools :

Dripwiki: https://dripcommunity.wiki/

Drip-hydrate: https://drip-hydrate.com/

Driporacle: https://driporacle.com/

Dripfi.app: https://dripfi.app/

Drip.formulate.finance: https://drip.formulate.finance/

Piggy-bank-calculator: https://piggy-bank-calculator.netlify…

Defi-buddy: https://defi-buddy.com #drip #dripnetwork #animalfarm #safuuprotocol #safuux #safuu

Written by Anthony Fernandez
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