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Drip Network is dubbed the first deflationary daily 1% compound ROI platform, according to its white paper. It is the most recent product created by Forex Shark, BB, and the Drip team. It flaunts DRIP, a BEP-20 token as its official token on the Binance Smart Chain, which ranked number two base on growth and popularity. 

DRIP is a deflationary token, meaning that it increases in value through scarcity. This scarcity is achieved by strategically reducing supply at calculated intervals. Again, DRIP is censorship-resistant as everyone participates equally in the network without restriction from any singular party or other centralized institutions. 

Its solid and completely decentralized, together with all the features mentioned above, contribute to the value of the token. The network employs water-related terms like Fountain, Faucet, Reservoir, staying hydrated, etc. to represent its various platforms and solutions in line with its brand.

Drip Network Features

The Drip Network’s features are summarized under three major utilities: swap, stake, and liquidity, which are further explained below. 


The Fountain contract is the officially recommended exchange for trading DRIP. It can be accessed on the network’s website under the “swap” tab. Trading on the Fountain saves you the initial 10% tax on your buys and gives you the lowest prices and maximum liquidity, which means minimal slippage for largeer trades. Maximum liquidity means you’d always have the other trading party with the required amount  of token(s) you’re swapping during a trade. So, when liquidity is max, there’s lower slippage, meaning you won’t have to settle for different prices other than those you ordered due to sudden price movements.


The Faucet is Drip Network’s low-risk, high reward contract operating like a high yield certificate of deposit. It’s Drip Network’s staking platform. To participate, buy DRIP from the network’s “Swap” page, then join another user’s Drip Team with a minimum requirement of 1 DRIP. By doing so, you earn a 1% daily return of your DRIP, meaning 365% passive income or 3.65X your investment. If you should compound your daily return few days of the week, your return over time can increase exponentially.

Additionally, players can compound their earnings by constant deposits, rolling rewards, and team-based referrals. Drip’s  reward system is very robust and consistent, paying out rewards from a 10% tax on every DRIP transaction except buys from the Swap page. Drip network is committed to paying out all its player’s rewards. And in case there’s shortage of DRIP for payouts (which is very rare), the platform will mint new DRIP as needed to cater to its users.

DRIP focuses on real world adoption by letting users build teams via direct referrals. You can receive bonus rewards from your referrals’ deposits and downline bonuses from any players you refer, depending on the amount of BR34P token in your wallet. 

By participating actively on Faucet, you can organically and consistently grow your team and improve your ROI period. In addition to increasing your DRIP holdings Faucet participation, you’re incentivized with mouth-watering referral rewards for holding BR34P in your wallet and building your team. An airdrop feature also ensures your wallet is always afloat to give back to your team and attract referrals through giveaways.

Staying Hydrated

Staying hydrated is a term that refers to compounding your long-term earnings on the Faucet. This compound mechanism redeposits your DRIP dividends in the Faucet contract, which increases your daily earnings and  your max payouts, thereby ultimately compounding your long-term earnings. Compounding transactions attract a 5% tax that reenters the Faucet pool, being used to pay out daily ROIs and referral bonuses.


Drip Network’s Reservoir is basically its liquidity pool, meant to help players earn from non-inflationary yield farming through providing liquidity to Drip.

You can receive passive perpetual BNB rewards by adding BNB to the pool or Reservoir contract, while also locking up Drip in the pool. Interestingly, you receive your rewards immediately through a highly responsive dividend pool protocol.

The Reservoir is designed to provide permanent locked liquidity and long-term price support for the Drip token. Entering the Reservoir contract means you’re swapping BNB for a BEP-20 token called DROP, which is held by the Reservoir contract and represents your cut of the DRIP/BNB liquidity pool.

When you swap BNB for DROP or DROP for BNB, you’re charged a 10% tax used to pay out BNB rewards to those in the reservoir and lock up liquidity in the DRIP-BNB pool. 

Out of the 10% tax, 2% of the BNB used for buying DROP is disbursed instantly to people in the Reservoir. 5% enters the Reservoir pool, out of which 2% is paid to people in the reservoir, and 3% is permanently locked in the pool. 

You’d need to compound or purchase more DROP over time to increase your share of the Reservoir. The reason is that your share of the Reservoir will change in the long run, dropping as more players purchase DROP.

Additionally, you’re charged a 1% DRIP-BNB swapping fee, which enters the Reservoir Dividend Pool and is distributed every day to players, according to their DROP holdings. The fee is another stream of BNB inflow into the reservoir aside from people purchasing DROP by entering the reservoir.


The Drip Network is a sustainable and comprehensive platform. Aside from being the first-ever deflationary daily ROI platform, earning you 1% passive income daily, it features a taxing system and referral system that sustains the system and circulates tokens appropriately. Plus, it offers you the opportunity to build a team, based on a functional referral system and allows you to compound your interest and enlarge your long-term earning horizons. 

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Written by Anthony Fernandez
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