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With over 20 years of investing in the financial market, business opportunities, and now Cryptocurrencies, along with daily consumption of financial information; I’m yet to find a medium for the average investor where they can be involved without getting lost or be trapped in a field of complex investment jargon, technicalities, and scams. is your space to digest and make sense of the information regards to cryptocurrency investing, cryptocurrency asset management, and safekeeping of such assets class.

The objective here is not to be your financial advisors, we are not licensed for such a task, we are simply a guide to help you maneuver your own research, discover new opportunities, review the news and reviews. We will cover everything relating to cryptocurrency, which includes cryptocurrencies, blockchain, NFT, and the technology behind them. 

Disclaimer:The opinion  expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. Please do your own independent research before investing in any asset or consult your own financial advisor.